The following squad structure is designed to cater for all swimmers, whichever stage of their swimming journey they are on. The swimmers range from those 8 years and above who are focusing on developing skills and technique, up to senior swimmers who are competing at national level. 

Whatever the standard, we have a squad to fit. 

Following a successful trial with the club, swimmers are offered a place into one of the below squads based on availability to attend given sessions, commitment and ability:

Bronze Academy

A bridge between swim school and competitive swimming. Swimmers can train 3 times a week for one hour at Malvern college pool. Training will focus on developing technique across all 4 strokes in line with World Aquatics rules and regulations. Swimmers will also develop racing starts and turns, as well as making sure swimmers enjoy coming too the pool!

Silver Academy

Silver academy consists of 3 sessions a week, with each session lasting one hour. The swimmers in this squad will start to develop stamina and endurance alongside continual technique development. Members are encouraged to enter galas and local competitions and will enjoy racing courtesy of the annual Junior Development League (SJDL) gala.

Gold Academy

Gold academy consists of 4 sessions a week, 3 one hour sessions and 1 1.5 hour session. Swimmers will now focus on developing race skills. Members will be expected to enter galas and be available for team events.

Junior Potential

The Junior potential squad is divided into A/B, depending on age and ability. The squads consist of 4 1.5 hour sessions and one 2 hour sessions. Swimmers are expected to enter galas, be available for team events, and should be achieving or working towards achieving county and regional qualifying times.

Senior Competitive

The Senior Competitive squad is divided into A/B/C and consists of those who swim for fitness and enjoyment, as well as those who still wish to be competitive. There are a varying range of sessions available depending on the desired commitment levels of each individual swimmer. Swimmers are not necessarily expected to enter galas, and swimmers may still be selected for team events. 


This is the top squad within the club.Swimmers are expected to enter galas, be available for team events, and achieving or working towards regional and national qualification. Early morning swims and strength and conditioning also form part of the programme that includes a total of 12 hours training time. Swimmers All are county qualified across a range of strokes and some have competed at regional or national level.


A pay as you go system, designed to enable members of the club who have gone to university but want to continue their training in non-term time.


    • 2 Sessions/Week
    • 2 Hours/Week

Masters Swimming is a programme designed to encourage fitness through swimming for adults over the age of 18. 

Our Masters Squad provides opportunities for people to increase their physical fitness and improve their swimming ability. Our coached programme features regular, structured sessions emphasising stroke improvement, cardiovascular activities and progressive fitness training. 

People join a Masters Swim Club for many reasons including fitness, social interaction and competition. The health benefits are many; stress reduction, muscle tone, weight control, increased strength and endurance are but a few. One of the greatest advantages of Masters Swimming is to be able to practice with an organised group that provides active support for a healthy lifestyle through fitness, fun, friendship and participation.

Competition is totally up to the individual and the level of participation is entirely up to you, be it lane swimming or competing at any level. We welcome all levels of swimmers - it does not matter how fast you are, only how much fun you have in the water! It is not necessary to have previous experience in competitive swimming - you just must be able to swim to a set programme, in a lane with those of a similar swimming ability.


    • Goggles, plus spare
    • Hat, plus spare
    • Kickboard-
    • Pull buoy-
    • Short fins-
    • Water bottle
    • Hand paddles-
    • Finger paddles-
    • Training snorkel-
    • Parachute (Performance squad only)-

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