This information applies to every gala, whether it be a club gala at Malvern College or a National Championship.

Equipment List

    • 2 pairs of goggles
    • 2 club hats
    • 2 swimsuits
    • 2 towels
    • Club T-shirt, a hoody, trousers and sliders/flip flops as well as the clothes you will be going home in
    • A chair (if swimmers are in a hall and not on poolside in-between races)
    • Pen and paper/skipping rope/ board game/pack of cards
    • Trainers for land-based warmups and blood flow
    • Lunch and healthy snacks and plenty of water. There isn’t always a place to fill up water bottles so come prepared

It’s advised that you take 2 goggles, 2 hats and 2 swimsuits incase one breaks…. you never know! 

Swimmers must stay warm in between swims so dry off and get dressed. If we are poolside then a club T-shirt is to be worn, if we are in the hall, you will need something warmer as the hall is significantly colder than poolside, come prepared for both scenarios. Please don’t just rely on a dry robe.


Swimmers must arrive on time for their warm up. Please be poolside, swim ready 15 minutes before warm up starts so that the coaches know you are there and to start your blood flow. When you are called to your race, you need to keep moving and keep your body warm.

Healthy Snacks

Swimmers can often be at galas all day, so bring a lunch and plenty of healthy snacks such as:

    • Fruit (bananas are especially good)
    • Dried fruit 
    • Yoghurts 
    • Sandwiches
    • Pasta
    • Vegetable sticks/salad with hummus
    • Crackers
    • Chicken
    • Plenty of water, there are water stations at some venues but not all

Hot chocolates with whipped cream or chocolate bars and sugary sweets are not healthy snacks. Save these for the drive home. No sugary sports drinks. Lucozade Sport is ok to have after a race to replenish, but you must also drink plenty of water.


When Swimmers are called to their race you go into the marshalling area. These areas are often in a corridor or hall and are therefore chilly so you MUST wear clothes and shoes. You will have done your blood flow and you must keep your body warm to enable you to swim properly and not sustain an injury. Fast swimming with a cold body is not good. 

You must also take a towel with you to dry off after the race before going back into the hall and wear something on your feet, as you cannot walk through the corridors wet. A few swimmers at the last gala were repeatedly told about this and a few refused to comply with the rules. If this continues, these swimmers will be unable to attend galas.

Hall Etiquette

Swimmers MUST listen to the Team Managers. They are there, voluntarily, to ensure that the swimmers stay safe, but above all are ready and prepared for your swims on time.

 Swimmers should not be on their phones constantly. Whilst we understand that you are at a gala for a very long time, the phones mean that you sit still for a long time, not interacting with your friends and then when asked to get ready for your race you are lethargic and reluctant. 

All swimmers should remain poolside/ in our team area unless swimming. If you want to leave the area, you need to tell a Team Manager. 

Parents are not allowed poolside, in the changing rooms or in the hall as this is a safeguarding issue. Only Team Managers and Coaches are allowed in as they have been DBS checked. 

Let the Team Managers know when you are going home, not just the coach. 

Cheer on your fellow swimmers. Team spirit is at the heart of all of our galas.

General Information

After your race, if you want some feedback on how you swam, go to the coach. They can’t come looking for you after each race as they will be watching other swimmers. 

If, on the morning of the gala the swimmer is unwell and unable to attend, please let us know as soon as possible. The club incurs a charge if we leave it too late to notify officials. 

If the swimmer intends to pull out of any race, you must let the Team Manager know as soon as possible, but discuss this with a coach first. The club incurs a fine if we leave it too late to inform the officials. 

If your swimmer has prescribed medication, can they please have this with them and inform a Team Manager as parents are not allowed into the hall or poolside. 

A lot goes in to organising team events, so if your swimmer is unable to attend, please let the coach know as soon as possible as he has to rearrange the swimmers and find someone to fill in.

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